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Problems You Should Be Aware Of If You Have Braces And Oral Piercings

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From the first time that you visit the orthodontist to find out about getting braces, if you have oral piercings you should expect some cautionary statements and concerns. It is not that oral piercings are a terrible thing, but the combination of braces on your teeth and oral piercings could be a problem. There are several reasons removing your oral piercings before you get braces may be the best idea. Here are a few that you should consider and talk to your orthodontist about from the start. You Could Cause Damage to Your Braces When you...

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Dental Tips: Make Your Own Natural Cavity-Busting Tooth Powder

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You always follow your dentist’s advice, yet you still have the occasional cavity. The following is a powerful cavity-busting tooth powder that you can use to fend off any bacteria buildup in your mouth.  The Cavity-Busting Secrets of the Powder One of the ingredients that you will be using is cinnamon. Cinnamon contains different active ingredients that will help get rid of some of the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. A powerful ingredient in cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde. Cinnamaldehyde is a relentless bacteria-killer....

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Natural Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

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There are many reasons why your teeth will lose their shine and become stained and discolored. Such things as smoking, drinking coffee, eating foods like chocolate and neglecting oral hygiene can all contribute to your teeth becoming discolored. There are many ways you can go about whitening your teeth and many of those ways can be done naturally. The information below will help you learn how to naturally whiten your teeth. Eat food that naturally whitens your teeth One of the easiest ways to whiten your teeth is to eat foods that naturally...

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